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 Welcome to the Dyalog APL Tools Library

The purpose of this library is to make updates for the various tools provided with Dyalog APL as well as other tools and utilities not distributed with Dyalog APL available to Dyalog APL users.

Web Tools

MiServer is an APL-based, open source, web server.  MiServer enables APL users to provide a web interface to their applications that can be accessed over the Internet or a local intranet.  MiServer provides a library of utility functions to make web development easier for the APLer.  MiServer includes interfaces to SQAPL to develop dynamic, data-driven web applications, and jQuery, a popular open source Javascipt library which aids in the implementation of rich user interfaces.  Documentation for MiServer is found in the Documentation folder within the .zip file.

SAWS (Stand-Alone WebService) is a workspace containing all the code required to both provide and consume Web Services, without requiring any infrastructure other than that which is shipped with Dyalog APL.

Performance Tools

Parallel is a workspace which contains a user-defined operator which makes it possible to use multiple processors to speed up the execution of a programme which contains calls to the EACH operator or loops in which each pass through the loop is independent of previous passes.

]profile is a user command to display and manage output from ⎕profile

  • profile.dyalog v1.3.0 (56KB)
      Fixes over and above 1.2.5
    • Reporting fails on machines which do not support defining fonts
    • -avg numbers sometimes out by 1000
    • File|Save crashes
    • File|Open refused to open some valid files
    • Changed threshold for switching to reporting seconds rather than ms from 10 to 100 seconds total time
    • Various small corrections to some cases of output of the tree and data commands

Graphics Tools

Rainpro is a utility to produce publication-quality graphics. It is supplied with Dyalog APL and has been updated with a number of fixes and enhancements. The workspace has been saved as a 12.0 Classic workspace and can be )LOADed with v12.0 and later interpreters.

APL Application As A Service (A4S)

A4S is a utility that enables an APL application to run as a Windows service.  A4S is available as part of Dyalog 14.0. See the online 14.0 help for more information.

Reminder: Commercial use of Dyalog APL requires a licence, you must have a valid licence for the machine on which you use the A4S package. Contact sales@dyalog.com for more information.

A4S supercedes A3S, which was available for Dyalog 13.1 and 13.2. Dyalog strongly recommends migrating to version 14.0 and A4S; please contact support@dyalog.com if you need to use version 13.1 or 13.2.



Web Tools
Performance Tools
Graphics Tools
APL Application As A Service
  • A4S - Enables an APL application to run as a Windows service